Parents' Stories
Feedback from MSM parents
When we moved to Moscow in January 2011, our son was only 11 months old. It was very difficult time for me as I didn´t speak Russian, I didn´t know anyone in Moscow, we lived far from the city center and I had a little boy to take care of by myself.
As soon as I found advertisement of Montessori School of Moscow, we made an appointment and visited the school with our son. From the first moment, we all fell in love with the school. Kristian felt like a fish in the water in the classroom — he joined the toddlers who were preparing the table for snack, while we were talking with Valentina Zaytseva (the Founder of the school).
Kristian started the school at the age of 1,5 year.
No one from our friends and family supported the idea, to put such a "little" child into a school.
They thought the child at this age needs to be all the time with his mother. But both of us, me and Kristian, have started a "new life" with a new daily routine — we met many wonderful people, who became our family friends, I attended many interesting parent´s workshops that the school is organizing, we were attending the school family events, etc. We became a part of the school community and enjoyed our life in Russia.
We are happy that we were part of the growth and huge progress, that the school made in only few years — from a school with 3 small classrooms, into a school with 4 various programmes for the kids from 0 to 12 years old.
In the meantime our daughter Viktoria was born and we couldn´t wait to bring her to MSM at the age of 1,5 years. The last year we lived in Moscow, our kids were together in one Casa dei bambini classroom.
We were a bit worried at the beginning of the school year, how it will work when they will be together the whole day. But it was perfect from the first day.
How will it work when they will be together the whole day, whether it won´t have negative impact on their individual development? But it was perfect from the first day – they were working independetly with different materials relevant for their age and both of them had their own friends. Our kids never had problem with adaptation or staying at the school for full day, as the school has a family environment, with peacefull atmosphere, the Teachers and Assistants are patient and supportive.
Today, we are very proud when people are admiring how our kids can behave, how indepent and helpfull they are in the everyday life. I don´t know a school in Moscow, that could give them better foundations for their future life.

Our special thanks belongs to Eleonora Lyudvik, Svetlana Makeeva, Joanne King and Rhoda Snyder — the great Teachers of our kids, who visited the MSM for 5 happy years.

Svetlana Burova
MSM Parent
We would like to thank Ekaterina Rodionova for her consistent systematic approach to Montessori pedagogy, for the up-to-date educational course for parents, which allows to see the world through the eyes of a child and gives a deeper understanding of him, helping to develop his personality.
Although we have been familiar with Montessori philosophy for several years, we keep on discovering new aspects of the ahead of time approach to parenting. We embrace all the wisdom and deep thoughts of Maria Montessori wholeheartedly, we are happy to get "tips", exchange parental experience, track the stages of our child’s development due to these lectures and converasations with Kate and Natalia. Ekaterina and Natalia are very thoughtful, attentive, consistent teachers, with great pedagogical and personal parental experience.
I wanted her to be happy most of all!

I sent my child to Montessori School of Moscow because in the first place I wanted her to socialize with kids of different age. I wanted her to learn playfully and to explore and, what’s more important, to realize her own potential and to become more confident and not dependent on me. The School offers education that helps kids to enjoy growing up independent and self-confident.
What is also important is location! It is one of the greenest parts of Moscow.

Tijana Vucak
MSM parent
It is the school for parents who know what their growing child needs. For parents who want their children to be happy, curious, independent.
I would like to add that Montessori education is important and necessary because it gives a child tools to build their own freedom and creativity.

Louise and Jens Harpoth
Parents of MSM alumni
We thank you wholeheartedly, MSM teachers and staff, for taking such good care of our three children and giving them such a perfect start to life.
Our children have evolved enormously in the years that they have been at MSM in this developmentally very important time in their lives. When they started at MSM, the oldest were 2 and 3 years old and had spent their first years at home with me. Very quickly after starting school, we could see their advancements in learning and social skills through the combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy and outstanding teachers.
Very quickly after starting school, we could see their advancements in learning and social skills through the combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy and outstanding teachers.
The confidence and curiosity which has been instilled in them while at MSM, extends well beyond the classroom, and has turned them into happy, well balanced, confident, and articulate children who will be ready to take on the challenges awaiting them in elementary school and further on.
I would like to share a story from a few months ago in our household as a small example of the effect that MSM has had on our children who -at the time- were 1, 4 and 6.
It was a normal school and working day for my husband, myself and the three children. Usually we get up at latest 7 o'clock to be able to get everyone to school and work on time. However, on this Wednesday morning, my husband and I suddenly woke up and realised to our dismay that our alarm clock had failed to go off.
It was 8 o'clock! We jumped out of bed, expecting to find 3 sleeping children in their rooms, but the sight that we met was quite different.
All 3 children were sitting in a sofa, calmly reading a book together, already fully dressed and finished with breakfast. All three plates and cups were in the dishwasher, breakfast cereal and milk put away and the dining table was wiped clean. I’m sure that you can imagine our joy. Needless to say, everyone got to work and school on time.

Sofia Georgakopoulou and Konstantinos Delialis
Parents of MSM alumnus
Coming from Greece, where rote memorisation is the norm and giving birth to my son in the US where the pressure for children to perform is immense, it was a very positive surprise when we found a little oasis of calm for our children (four and one) in Moscow, Russia.
Our eldest son has always been a very bubbly, independent, boisterous little boy; very frustrating and very lovable at the same time, as every parent of a four year old will attest! The intimate atmosphere of MSM and the Montessori curriculum has helped our eldest son, and our family, thrive in numerous ways.
We learnt to give our children the time and space they needed to focus on whatever they needed doing — being work around the house, reading or playing.
He has learnt to respect himself and others; respect his abilities, respect the abilities of other children and respect the personal space of each child. From their amazing teachers we learnt that in order to demand appropriate behaviour from our children, we had to model that behaviour ourselves. We have seen our son change from being very jealous towards his little brother, to becoming an older wiser brother eager to help his baby brother explore the world.
He learnt that by modelling the behaviour of older children in his classroom who effortlessly help younger classmates in their daily tasks.
Last but not least it has been an honour to have Joanne as the classroom teacher (or guide as they call the teacher in the Montessori classroom). Not only is she a very experienced and talented teacher, but she is also passionate in her work, very composed, always available to parents and always close to the children, respecting their freedom and providing them with opportunities along the way, to learn from her, the classroom environment and from each other.
This school and the education it provides taught us to take every minute of this amazing journey as an amazing moment of discovery for us and our children.
When my first daughter turned three we joined Montessori School of Moscow, which just opened in 2009. That year this school met all my requirements: it had AMI trained staff (which for me means good quality Montessori education), it was bilingual (our family is
English-Russian), patient, pleasant, creative assistants and good
green location.
I wanted to create an environment that favours the development of my daughter and satisfied her needs at home and the school teachers helped me in that.
Shortly after I became the representative of the MSM parent community and communicated wishes and suggestions from the parents. This is when my Montessori education began. I really fancied the philosophy and approach by Maria Montessori as all that she wrote was filled with love and respect to the child, understanding of the human being and her genius.
When I was expecting my second daughter I realised that I could create a suitable environment for a newborn, so I made mobiles for her, a topponcino, a floor bed, bib etc. and again the teachers at MSM were a great help sharing with me their knowledge and experience. They were always positive and attentive. And that was the beginning of a deeper understanding of the Montessori method.
Eventually, I enrolled myself at the AMI 0-3 course (Assistants to Infancy) and all that I learned, I observed and tried with my own child. Now I am happy to share my knowledge and experience through the Parent Infant class and Toddler program at MSM.

Montessori teacher, parent of MSM alumna