Middle School
Montessori education for young adolescents from 12 to 15 years old
Montessori School of Moscow continues the development of Montessori education and is creating a unique educational environment for young adolescents aged 12 to 15, following Dr. Maria Montessori's vision.
Transition to Adulthood
When does a child become an adult?
This does not happen within one day. On our way to maturity we have to go through different stages of development. The adolescent stage of development is a training ground for maturity. It's important elements are independence and responsibility.

Students of Montessori Middle school should constantly train their executive skills such as multitasking, time-management, coordination of group effort. They should be able to arrange their team work and develop their emotional intelligence.
Adolescents learn to be independent by managing real tasks and solving real problems. For instance, they plan their field trips and tours, make appointments with certain experts or consultants, maintain business correspondence, participate in exhibitions and Fairs with their handmade items, etc.
The Real Life Experience
Adolescents want to see their role and feel themselves important in everything: they are active creators, not passive observers or listeners.

The academic programme is divided into blocks, which are several (4-5) weeks long. Each block concludes with a project outside the class: trip to pond or forrest, visit to a governmental organization, a museum, etc.
The students encounters problems, challenges and demands of the real world. They are involved in business activities with adults or they deal with some elements of the business activity in the framework of short or long term projects of school microeconomics: watching over younger students, managing a small cafe, growing fruits, vegetables and flowers, breeding birds, bee-keeping, etc.
Academic Programme
The programme includes humanitarian and exact sciences, foreign languages, arts and music, and implies studying earth and living creatures (geology, geography, biology, cosmology, physiology, etc), human progress and beginning of civilization, scientific discoveries, relationship between human and environment, international relations, wars, religions, government, law and rights.

To complete each academic block, students perform their own projects which disclose their opinion of the problem, their feelings and ideas. Self-expression is an important part of the learning process. Adolescents can express themselves via music (singing, listening, playing musical instruments), language (presentation, essay, speach, stage performances, discussions, etc.), creativity (pottery, drawing, photography and others).

Students can learn two foreign languages: English and Chinese (it could be any other Asian or European language).
Everyday schedule of an adolescent is in many ways very similar with the day of an adult, because students manage their everyday responsibilities: to attend scheduled lessons, to prioritise their things to do so that they can meet a deadline.
It is important that lessons encourage students' interest and curiosity and provide the possibility to develop skills which are crucial in the 21st century: setting goals, time managing, empathy, financial literacy, responsibility, understanding feelings and managing emotions, decision- making, making conscious choice and following it, self- representing.

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