Copy of Newsletter #1,Casa 1, October
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, #2
Teachers: Rhoda Snyder and Susanne Ostrovsky
October is here! October is a great month and Autumn is in full bloom and fall colours are everywhere.
A few reminders from our orientation evening held in September to share:
Please Arrive at School by 9:00 AM
The door will be locked thereafter and latecomers will have to go to the office to be allowed in. The children arrive after 9.30, will stay in the office till lunch. Be aware that if you are consistently late, it affects your child's day as they never really get going and also tends to interrupt their friends' work.
Be on Time to Pick Your Child Up
At the end of morning or afternoon, be on time to pick your child up as children who wait for parents can become anxious. Please let us know right away if you are late. We would also appreciate to be notified by e-mail or call, if your child is absent for any particular reason. You can email either Susanne or Svetlana as well. Their emails addresses are available from the office.
Sign In/Out Your Child
Please make sure to sign in when you arrive at the class and sign out when you pick up a child. Parents will be reminded every time by our staff to do this procedue.
Flowers for the Class
A list to bring flowers will be attached as well as displayed on the bulletin board by the front door of the classroom. Please make a note of the date when it is your turn to bring a bouquet of flowers for the children's flower arranging activity.
Spare Clothing and Lebelling
The weather is becoming colder now and more clothing is coming to class. Make sure that every piece of clothing is labelled with your child's name. Many times children may have the same clothing, backpack or snack box. When we go on school breaks always check your child's clothes box at school and take home clothes if 2 sets of clothing are present. When your child has an toilet accident or has wet articles of clothing please replace them as soon as possible so there are always clothes available for when they need to change.
October Topics
This month we are studying about leaves from our Botany area. Children will learn about different leaf shapes, do a variety of leaf related crafts and activities etc. Pumpkins and Gourds will also be discussed. Children can bring miniature pumpkins if they so want.. We will also be studying all things related to October including learning about our bodies and skeleton, the spider and webs, nocturnal animals like bats and owls as well as cats.
Since the focus is especially on Botany where the children are also learning about caring for plants in the class, we would like to add some more of a different variety of plants to the class. It is always our custom to ask new children to supply us with one plant especially with big interesting leaf shapes so your child can learn how to take care of a plant. Small to medium size plants would be greatly appreciated! If there are any plants you would like to get rid of at home, we are always happy to accept them. We also ask parents to save their white egg shells, rinse them, pull the membranes out and when you have a whole bunch, send them in. Only WHITE egg shells will work for this activity.
Some days we are forced to stay indoors because of inclement weather. This is particular hard of children when they cannot go out to the park for a walk. We are trying to put together a tub with lego, wooden blocks, games etc. to keep them occupied while they are having a break from their work. If you have any old educational toys you would like to donate for this particular reason, it would be greatly appreciated. If you are not sure what would be acceptable, just bring it in and the teachers will decide.
Mark Your Calendars
October, 14th
Practical Life and Russian Language
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The seminar will be held by Ekaterina Rodionova and Natalia O Sullivan.
October, 18th
Home Environment. Part 1
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The seminar will be held by Svetlana Makeeva.
October, 28th
Math and Sensorial Areas in a Montessori Classroom
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

The seminar will be held by Rhoda Snyder and Susanne Ostrovsky.

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Thank you for a great start of the school year and all new children are now starting to settle into their new school environment.

Ms. Rhoda Snyder/Mrs. Susanne Ostrovsky

P.S. under the bulletin board is a little wooden box in which you may place questions/messages which we will gladly attend to!