Newsletter, January
MSM Newsletter, January

Dear Families of Montessori School of Moscow, our congratulations one more time for Happy New Year and Christmas! We wish you a lot of joy and happiness in 2018!
We feel very grateful to all participant of our annual Bazaar. The 7th Christmas Charity Bazaar which took place on December, 17th had great success! The incredible success of the bazaar is the contribution of everyone. Due to the united efforts we managed to collect 420 000 rubbles! The report on the event you can find here.
Staff Structure
There are some changes in the structure of the school from the beginning of new year.
The teacher of Casa 2 class Natalya O'Sullivan temporary left our school. The position of second teacher and English program teacher will substitute Susanne Ostrovsky. For those parents who hasn't been introduced to Susanne yet, there is a brief reference bellow:
Born and raised in Austria, Susanne completed her M.A. studies in Piano Pedagogics with a major in Early Childhood Music Education (Carl Orff). During her studies she spent one year abroad in Tel Aviv and Moscow for research. In 2004 Susanne moved to Israel. Since 2010 she has been working as a Montessori guide. Susanne earned her NAMC Montessori diplomas for primary and lower elementary levels, and attended the 3-6 foundation course with AMI. In 2017 she got her AMI 3-6 diploma. Susanne is married and a mother of three children.
In the end of January there will be a meeting with both teachers. You can thank Natalya for her huge effort to our school and to the class and ask all interesting questions Natalia and Susanne.

Casa Dei Bambini 1 class will be headed by miss Rhoda Snyder. There will be two assistants working with Miss Snyder. Svetlana Myadzel will support Russian language program for children older 4 years. The name of the second English speaking assistant we will announce later.
Extra Activities
The schedule of additional classes has some changes as well. The children will have opportunity to learn Spanish language on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.45 to 4.45 p.m. Vi-Art class is no longer available in our school. The teacher of Spanish language, Vyacheslav Rybin, has master degree in politics and international relations. Translator from English, German and Spanish. He has experience in teaching foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language. Between October 2016 and June 2017, he completed an internship in Spain (Complutense University, Madrid).
Classroom Management
11 am - 1 pm
The task of this seminar is to give parents the experience of being in the classroom. What is the presentation in a Montessori class, follow-up work, work on the project? Parents will be able to understand how the ability to choose work or material is formed, and how to get academic knowledge in practice.

The seminar will be held by Yulia Belotskaya and Dmitry Ostrovsky.
Rules of the Game
10 am - 1 pm
To be clear, concise and understandable is the important task of adult with children. Unfortunately, our language in communicational process with a child often is saturated with too many questions, exclamations, instructions and other not very useful for understanding each other things. It was made in past time and we unconsciously continue this tradition today.

The seminar is hold by our psychologist Elena Snarskaya.
With warm regards,
Montessori School of Moscow Team