MSM Newsletter, Issue 1, September, 6th (2018/19)
Issue 1
September, 6th, 2018
Montessori School of Moscow starts its 10th academic year!
Please browse through our first Newsletter issue for un update on the changes that occurred in the School over the summer.
Second Elementary Classroom
The second class of our Elementary program is now led by Dmitry Ostrovsky.
Yulia Belotskaya remains the Lead Teacher of our first Elementary class. The work of both classes is supported by our newly opened Art Studio and our well-established Laboratory. The English language program is guided by Polina Lukankina.
MSM Team
We would like to introduce new members of our Staff to all of you:
Nadezhda Knyazeva
Art Studio Guide

Nadezhda graduated from the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture by Ilya Glazunov as an artist-restorer of tempera paintings. Nadezhda will be in charge of our Elementary class Art Studio, where she will introduce children to various techniques of painting and masterpieces of world art.
Natalia Baranova
Assistant (Dmitry Ostrovsky's Classroom)

Natalia got her certificate from AMPR (Certificate Training Programme) as a Montessori preschool teacher (Moscow, 2015) and in 2017 as a Montessori bilingual assistant. From Nov, 2017 till Summer, 2018 Natalia worked at Montessori school "Bougenville" (AMI standard) as a School English Assistant, creating bilingual materials and environment, conducting creative and sports activities with children, engaging in parent consultation.
Vadim Nyurmyaev
Assistant (Yulia Belotskaya's Classroom)

Vadim started tutoring while being in his third year of studies towards his bachelor's degree. He has always been inclined to study Psychology, so he took up the Master's Degree Program in the field of family/child psychology. That was the first time he was introduced to psychotherapy through psychodrama and decided to become a psychotherapist. Now Vadim is studying geshtalt-therapy and he is intended to get a new qualification in working with parent-children relationships.
Nadezhda Gorneva
Assistant (Casa dei Bambini 2 Classroom)

Nadezhda graduated from Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (2017). She is a preschool educational psychologist. Nadezhda has experience as a history teacher, camp counselor, preschool teacher in many educational organisations. She worked with children of all ages from 8 months to 14 years. Previous work: HappyBee Montessori Center as a Montessori teacher assistant.
Gulnaz Saitgalina
Assistant (Toddler Community)

Gulnaz has been working with toddler age in a private school, she has experience working with young people.
In Toddler 2 class Gulnaz helps Svetlana Makeeva and Irina Moiseykina.
Dmitry Skladnev
Deputy General Director for Administrative and Maintenance Issues

Dmitry has worked as a shopping centre manager, later as a quality control manager.

Dmitry's qualified to maintain safe operation of real estate objects, he is in close cooperation with controlling audit organisations and government agencies. His qualification allows him to provide secure documentation and control over non-dissemination of commercial information, as well as on preventing emergencies in organisations and controlling employees' performance.
Rotation in the Team
Our Lead Teacher of Casa dei Bambini program Ms. Rhoda Snyder will now be serving as our English Curriculum Director. Ms. Snyder will teach English to children in accordance with the principles of Montessori Pedagogy for the 3-6 age group, working in groups and individually. Ms. Snyder will be teaching in two classes - Casa 1 and Casa 2.

Susanne Ostrovsky is now the Lead Teacher of our Casa 1 class.

We congratulate Dmitry Ostrovsky on receiving the AMI diploma of Preschool Teacher (3-6), and also Ksenia Kholmovskaya, for whom this summer was marked by obtaining the AMI Assistant to Infancy diploma!

We start our Parent Infant program on September 17th. The program will be guided by Svetlana Makeeva, Ksenia Kholmovskaya and Irina Moiseykina.

Childbirth and Parenting program will be led by Irina Moiseykina as of October.
Toddler Community and Casa dei Bambini Working Hours
For the convenience of parents and a soft transition from the main Montessori program to additional sessions our Toddler and Casa dei Bambini programs now work until 3:45 pm.
Additional Classes Program
Montessori School of Moscow has supplemented the program of creative development of children with classes of chess, literature, theatrical art (starting October) and art of painting. You can find the schedule below and sign up for classes by contacting the Office.
Upcoming events
September, 13th
Coffee Morning
9:15 - 10:15 am

Traditionally we invite everyone for our Coffee Morning, so that parents can get to know each other and learn about School events. Come if you have any questions or ideas, find out about upcoming seminars and School procedures.
September, 15th
10:00 - 11:00 am

Orientational meeting for Elementary parents
September, 20th
4:00 - 5:00 pm

Orientational Evening for Casa dei bambini parents
For all Elementary families.
For all parents of both Casa dei Bambini classes.
September, 22nd
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Potluck Picnic
We invite everyone to join our wonderful tradition which has existed almost for as long as the School itself. At the beginning and the end of the school year we meet at a Potluck Picnic and talk in an informal atmosphere. The peculiarity of our picnic is the national food, which is brought by each family. We are looking forward to seeing you on September, 22nd!

The picnic will be held in the park behind the church, which is located at Nezhinskaya street, building 4.
Lunch Menu
Please see the refreshed menu for this school year below.
Safety at the School
Safety is a key priority at Montessori School of Moscow. To further enhance a secure working environment for children at MSM, the following measures were taken:
Access Control System (ACS) was installed. It prevents any chance of penetration of unauthorized persons into the premises and unauthorized exit of children from the premises. This system is integrated into the fire alarm system, upon activation of which the system automatically turns off, which allows you to leave the premises without hindrance.
The integration system is installed. When the fire safety system is activated in any of the classes, the automation is on immeditely in the School's Office.
New fire extinguishers BONTEL were bought, they are absolutely safe and effective.
We congratulate you one more time on the beginning of this academic year. Let it be easy, enjoyable and full of discoveries!
Best regards,
Montessori School of Moscow Team