Casa dei Bambini Newsletter #1, September
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, #1, September
Dear parents!

We are very happy to see all the children returning after the summer holidays, they have grown and tanned! Further, we are happy to meet the new children that joined our program! We discussed with the children their trips and what they remembered most.
September Curriculum
This month we will pay much attention to the socialization of children, we will learn how to ask for help, offer or politely refuse the offered help. We will talk about taking care of ourselves, how older children can support the younger ones, how we take care of the environment. This is what happens in the environment within the class, as well as in the environment that surrounds the children outside the class. Children learn how to use paper economically and collect used paper for recycling. They learn to care for cleanliness, use napkins and soap, if necessary, how to change the water for our fish in the aquarium, how to feed the animals and care for our flowers. We teach the children to make beautiful flower arrangement and use them to decorate our class.
For this purpose, every week we will need a bouquet of flowers with soft stems, which children can cut easily. Please check the information board at the entrance of our classroom to check, when is your turn to bring flowers. We ask you kindly to bring 11 flowers of different colors. Thank you very much for your help!
Important Rules
At the beginning of the year, we remind parents of the important rules that are part of our school's handbook.

1) Please do not enter the classroom in the morning, instead, say goodbye to your child in front of the door. Place in the dressing area is very limited, and one of our goals for the children is to get independent when dressing and undressing. If they need any help, we will be happy to assist and teach them how to do it by themselves.

2) Please note that it is forbidden to bring toys (stickers, ornaments, cards, money) to the class. It distracts children from the educational process, prevents concentration and provokes conflicts between children. You are welcome to bring a book, pictures from a trip, souvenirs from another country about which your child can share experiences with the other children, leaves, fruits and flowers of plants. We want to show the children that the world is wonderful and amazing, and it's very exciting to explore! Toys create conflicts, children get frustrated when they lose toys or fight because of them.

3) Regarding spare clothes: all children need waterproof pants and boots for recess when it is raining. We really need to breathe fresh air and the rain should not stop us! Please refrain from bringing umbrellas, they can hurt the children. Thank you for understanding!
September, 20th
4:00 - 5:30 pm
Orientational Evening
We are happy to welcome all parents for our first meeting on September 20, from 4 pm till 5:30 pm about "Freedom and Discipline", where we will talk about the balance between freedom and discipline in the classroom, the stages of normalization and different types of parental upbringing.
September, 27th
3:45 - 4:45 pm
Book Club
Save the date: On September 27, from 3:45 pm till 4:45 pm the first meeting of the Book Club will take place this year. We invite all interested parents to join together with their children. Everyone chooses their favorite books at home. One small story you will read at our meeting, and two other books will be exchanged with another family for a month. It turns out a kind of library, an exchange of books. It's great if the books are in both Russian and English. And, of course, we will drink tea and discuss current issues. Healthy food for children and herbal tea are welcome.
With kind regards,
Susanne Ostrovsky
Ekaterina Rodionova
Rhoda Snyder
(C) Montessori School of Moscow