Casa dei Bambini, Newsletter #2, October
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, #2, October
Dear parents, good afternoon!

The first month has passed and the adaptation of our new children is complete. All children engaged in work, worked with the material they already knew and are receiving new lessons with great interest. Autumn is time to ripen the crop! Children study the life cycles of plants, look at how seedlings emerge from seeds and how huge fruits appear. During this month we studied fruits and vegetables, examined in detail parts of an apple.
The weather is changing. We have fun in the park, collect colorful leaves and study tree names. Please bring waterproof clothing, spare gloves and comfortable shoes that the children can put on by themselves.

Please have all the gloves labelled - they are so easy to mix up and lose! And please do not forget to leave umbrellas at home, they are dangerous.
October Curriculum
The topics that we will talk about in October are leaves, apples, pumpkins, spiders, bats, fears of children.

Many thanks to all parents who send with their children books and other interesting things to school, we are happy to read and study them!
If you have books on listed topics in Russian and English, you are welcome to bring them to school in October.

We began to work actively with writing and mathematics. Children love to recount everything. They like to write letters. some children have their first success in reading.
Don't miss out:
October, 13th 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Practical Life and Language in a Montessori Classroom
At the seminar we will tell you about how the development of movements in the area of practical life affects the success of work in the language area.
October, 25th 3:50 pm - 4:50 pm
Music Club
Come with your children to sing songs in the warm atmosphere of the classroom. Adults do not have to sing, children will acquaint their parents with their musical creativity. All songs will be performed in English.
October, 31st (without parents)
Fighting Fears Day
Children hear about Halloween, the traditional holiday of many countries, but due to their age they are not ready to understand its traditions. In the primary program, we talk about fears that scare children and how to overcome them. We draw cards, make masks, dress up in beautiful dresses or animal costumes. Parents are asked to participate by bringing healthy treats to celebrate the victory over fears of children.

With kind regards,
Susanne Ostorvsky
Ekaterina Rodionova
Rhoda Snyder
(C) Montessori School of Moscow