Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, issue #6, February
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, issue #6, February
Dear parents,
good afternoon!
February is coming to an end and we would like to tell you about what had been learnt by the children in February and what events have passed as well as will come up in the end of February.
Asia and Chinese traditions
In February we celebrated Chinese New Year: we talked about Asia and got acquainted with the traditions of China. Particular attention was paid to the peculiarities of the celebration of Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the most beloved and important holiday for the people of China. By tradition, it is celebrated at home, in the family circle.
People begin to prepare for this holiday in advance - they buy products for the holiday table, decorations for the house, gifts for relatives and friends, new festive clothing.
St. Valentine's Day
Is it celebrated in Montessori schools? This is an ambiguous topic. We talked about the heart, how it is structured and how it functions in the human body. We talked about the feelings that arise in the brain, but for some reason people say "in the heart." Why? Then the children wrote down those feelings that they could remember and of course drew hearts. Then we read "Semitsvetik" story. This is just about that kind of love that is available to understanding of 3-6 children. They understand the feeling when one wants to go to the North Pole or when you want to have many, many toys. The children were happy that the girl from the story could help the cute boy to recover and they could quickly run together.
Father's Day
February, 22nd
9:00 - 10:30 am
Father's Day is an annual event of our school. We invited each child's father to come to class and have breakfast together. Children prepared a snack for tea, and then they showed their fathers around the classroom and told them what they liked to do there.
Book club
February, 25th
3:45 - 4:45 pm
We are eager to communicate with parents more often. In February, we will continue our book club meetings tradition. We invite all interested parents along with the children. We will read one story for children in the atmosphere of candlelight as well as drink tea and discuss any questions that parents have.
The meeting date is February, 25th at 15.45.
From 4th till 10th of March
We would like to remind you that the school will go for holidays from March, 4th till March, 10th. We are waiting for all children to b back on March, 11th!
With kind regards,
Susanne Ostrovsky
Ekaterina Rodionova
Rhoda Snyder
(C) Montessori School of Moscow