Casa dei Bambini, Newsletter #4, December
Newsletter of Casa dei Bambini, #4, December
Dear Parents,
good afternoon!
Please read our December Newsletter, in which you will find the information about December themes, necessary clothing for winter and upcoming events.
Winter clothes
Winter has finally arrived, snow had fallen and frozen. We remind you to provide your child with:

• snow pants for recess

• a spare pair of gloves

• a scarf

Please sign pants, gloves and boots!
December Themes
In November we talked about the human body. The children read, wrote, made books and creative projects on this topic.

The second topic that we studied this month was musical instruments. We learned the names of instruments and made acquaintance with different types of classification. The children were presented violin, recorder, guitar, ukulele, and piano, they listened to their sound and studied their parts. Further, a specialist from the Glinka Museum visited our classrooms. The children had the opportunity to listen to an interesting story about musical instruments from fairy tales and legends and played different musical instruments.

In December, we will discuss the traditions of different countries. How do people around the world celebrate Christmas and New Year? Studying various cultures helps children to grow up in a tolerant way, they learn to see the differences between people. Children quickly memorize facts and flags of different countries.
Observations and Meetings
In December, observations and parent-teacher conferences will take place in both Casa dei Bambini classes. Please see the schedule for Casa 1 in your mailbox, the schedule for Casa 2 parents can be found at the entrance of the class, please sign up by yourself.
December Events
December, 6th
Coffee Morning 9:15 - 10:15 am
The agenda is the following:

1. Annual Christmas Charity Bazaar
2. Parent Conferences and Observations
3. The holidays schedule and short day in December
4. Fire Training for Staff and children
5. The seminars in January (Faber and Mazlish)
6. Lateness to School / Late pick up
7. Elementary Stadium payment
8. Purpose of payment
December, 14th 4:00 - 5:30 pm
Preparation for the Bazaar
We ask everyone who has time on this day to join MSM team in preparation for the Bazaar. We will need help with moving furniture, decorating, setting up tables and shelves for the workshops, cafe and auction. We will appreciate a lot if you find an hour and a half to help us with that!
December, 16th 12:00 - 5:00 pm
8th Christmas Charity Bazaar
We are looking forward to seeing you and your friends on December, 16th at our annual Bazaar! Please join us and enjoy the warm atmosphere as well as performances of MSM students, workshops, lottery and auction.
We remind you that the funds raised at the Bazaar will go to Olga Kiryakova, Partnership for Every Child Fund (Respite Program) and Connection Deafblind Support Fund.
December, 20th 3:50 - 4:50 pm
Book Club
We continue the tradition of meetings of the book and music club. We invite all interested parents with their children to our meetings. Because of parents-teacher conferences in Casa1, we will meet for the Book Club on December 20th at 15:50 till 16:50, in January and in February there will be Music Club meetings for all interested children and their parents.

With kind regards,

Susanne Ostrovskaya
Ekaterina Rodionova
Rhoda Snyder
(C) Montessori School of Moscow