Newsletter, Casa 2, October, #2
Newsletter for parents of Casa dei Bambini
Teachers: Ekaterina Rodionova and Natalia O Sullivan

October, #2
Dear Parents, good afternoon!
The first month of autumn has come to the end. Our children are settling really well. They are involved in different work, we have reviewed material from the last year, and now with great interest ready to discover new.
One of our students has decided to bring a watermelon and a melon to the class. A whole festival of watermelon was born from this idea! We compared a watermelon and a melon. Children touched, sniffed, looked at and tried them on taste and had an opportunity to describe the taste of each fruit. Children learned how to tell descriptive story and express their emotions. We compared how the seeds grow in such different ways in both of the fruits. Each child has painted the picture of their own watermelon and melon. We took out the seeds and planted them into the pots. Hopefully, we will grow a watermelon in our classroom? We have invited friends from the next door class. We laid a beautiful table and learned the rules of how to be hospitable. We discussed how great it is when a person has an idea to share. What happiness it brings to all of us and people around us! We had a wonderful day! Thank you, Lisa!
October Topics & Reminders
Nature Exploration
The weather is becoming colder and very changeable. We do have fun in the park; we collect colorful leaves and continuing to study the names of the trees from our Botany area. The themes that we are going to talk about in October are leaves, pumpkins, spiders and we will also talk about children's fears.
Right Clothing & Safety
Please bring waterproof clothing, spare gloves and comfortable shoes that a child can put on their own. Do not forget to leave umbrellas at home as they are dangerous for children's eyes.
Please Arrive at School by 9:00 AM
The door will be locked thereafter and latecomers will have to go to the office to be allowed in. The children arrive after 9.40, will stay in the office till next working session (11.40). Be aware that if you are consistently late, it affects your child's day and also tends to interrupt their friends' work.
Be on Time to Pick Your Child Up
In the end of morning or afternoon, be on time to pick your child up as children who wait for parents can become anxious. Please let the office know right away if you are late. We would also appreciate to be notified by e-mail or call, if your child is absent for any particular reason.
Sign In/Out Your Child
Please make sure to sign in when you arrive at the class and sign out when you pick up a child. Parents will be reminded every time by our staff to do this procedure.
We would like to thank the parents who give their children books to school, we read them with pleasure! If you have books on the listed topics above, in Russian and English, bring them to the class in October.
Academic Knowledge
We have started to work actively with writing and mathematics materials. Children are enjoying recounting everything in the environment and they show great interest in writing the letters on the paper and someone has the first success in reading.
Please Mark Your Calendars:
October, 14th
Practical Life and Russian Language
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The seminar will be held by Ekaterina Rodionova and Natalia O Sullivan.
October, 18th
Home Environment. Part 1
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

The seminar will be held by Svetlana Makeeva.
October, 28thMath and Sensorial Areas in a Montessori Classroom
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

The seminar will be held by Rhoda Snyder and Susanne Ostrovsky.
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With kind regards, Ekaterina and Natalia