Casa 2, March
Monthly Newslleter, Casa 2
Teachers: Ekaterina Rodionova and Susanne Ostrovsky

Март, #7
Dear parents!
We hope that everyone is well rested, we look forward to the return of the children to the class. We prepared a lot of interesting things for them.
Chinese New Year
In February we discussed the traditions of the continent of Asia. We talked a lot about China and its traditions, especially about the Chinese New Year. We decorated the class, made Chinese jewelry, sang songs and tried traditional Chinese cuisine.
We also talked about India, another country with an ancient history and interesting traditions. For example, spring in this country is celebrated with the colorful holiday of Holi. We read about it with children and decorated elephants with different colors.

Immersion in the culture of other countries helps children understand the differences between themselves and other people. In addition, this develops in children an interest in the study of geography.
Of course we did not forget about the delicious traditional Russian festival "Maslenitsa". The children baked pancakes by themselves, the next day they tasted ready-made pancakes made out of different flour: wheat, buckwheat and rye. We were also busy decorating the class for Maslenitsa.
Thank you very much to all parents, who support our projects and bring products and books to school! This makes our learning process more interesting, filled and diverse. Thank you, we are very grateful for your initiative!
Back in February, we celebrated our annual holiday, Father's Day, to which the fathers came to visit their children in the class. The children served them breakfast, showed their favourite activities, sang several songs. The atmosphere was very warm and friendly, the children prepared and looked forward to this holiday with impatience. Thanks to the dads, that they took the time to join us, this is very important for children!
Europe and St. Patrick's Day
n March we will begin to study the next continent - Europe. Talk about animals and plants, about location and weather conditions, as well as about the traditions of people who inhabit this continent. In particular, about the Irish celebration of St. Patrick's Day. This is a national Irish holiday, which has become popular all over the world. It is believed that every person on this day can become an honorable Irishman - if he likes.
Historical Note
For many centuries the history of the appearance of this holiday has acquired a large number of legends, rumors and conjectures. Some even believe that Saint Patrick is a collective image of several preachers. St. Patrick is also credited with the expulsion of all the snakes from the "emerald island". In Ireland, there really is no snake. Although some argue that they were never there. But every year dozens of pilgrims climb the mountain, named after St. Patrick. Thanks to the mission of St. Patrick, Ireland became the Island of the Saints, the land of the monks and homeland of missionaries, bringing the light of Christianity to other countries.

St. Patrick is one of the most revered saints around the world. However, St. Patrick's Day also has pagan motives. So, one of his indispensable heroes are leprechauns. These are fabulous gnomes-shoemakers who own a hidden pot of gold. If a lucky treasure hunter can catch a leprechaun, he can tell where his treasures are hidden. But, if you even manage to catch a leprechaun, remember that you should not trust him completely. These guys are big pranksters and like to machinate. They can easily deceive a trusting adventurer. You can learn the gnomes very easliy: they wear red beards and green hats with fields. It is much easier to find happiness on St. Patrick's Day, finding a four-leafed leaf of the clover.
On St. Patrick's Day, parades are traditionally held. People dress in extravagant costumes and come to the streets where brass bands play. And there must be a bagpipe in the orchestra, because this is a national Irish instrument.
Don't Miss Out
Mother's Day, March, 16th 2:30 pm
Immediately after the holidays, we invite all mothers to a holiday in class. Children have already begun to actively prepare, decorate the class and teach songs.
Book Club, March, 22nd 3:45 pm
In March we decided to change the format of our book club. Everyone chooses their favourite books at home. One small story you will read at our meeting, and two other books will be exchanged with another family for a month. It will allow us to create a kind of library, an exchange of books. It will be great to have both English and Russian books. And, of course, we will have tea and discuss pressing issues. We welcome all interested families on our next session which takes place on March, 22nd at 3:45 pm.
Literature Lessons
Fridays, from 3:45 till 4:45 pm
In March, Ekaterina plans to begin additional classes dedicated to literature.
Reading fiction at this age is aimed at forming interest and the need for a deep perception of books. In subsequent years reading provides children with opportunities to penetrate into the language and culture, it forms an expansion and diversity of communication.

The lessons will help the formation of an integral picture of the world, the development of literary speech, introduce children to the verbal art, which includes the development of artistic perception and aesthetic taste.

Classes include articulatory gymnastics, learning tongue twisters, solving and learning riddles; acquaintance with various authors, reading and discussion of their writings; writing stories from pictures, getting to know different parts of speech.

Contact the office if you are interested in these activities and plan to visit them. The literature lessons will be held on Fridays in the CASA 2 class from 3.45 to 4.45 pm.
Late Arrivals
We would like to remind you that the beginning of classes at our school is at 8.30. You can be late for 10 or 15 minutes. At 9.00 we close the door. We do this not to create difficulties for you, but in the interests of the children.

Children, who arrive at 9.10 or later, strongly interfere and violate the concentration of those children, who arrived at 8.30 and are in the classroom for 40 minutes already and ready for serious work.
Now, in the second half of the school year, 5 and 6-year-old children work with multiplication and division. This is complex material that requires attention and concentration. Every day, 3 or 4 children come to the class in the interval from 9.00 to 10.00. Work and the concentration of the children is disrupted. By 11.00, younger children are getting tired, and we need to adapt the type of activity. This means that we only have one hour per day for serious class work.
After 9:00

Therefore, we address all parents with a reminder: school starts at 8.30. After 9.00, the child cannot enter the classroom and will remain in the office until 11.30.

Thank you for your understanding!
A Few Reminders:
According to the calendar, winter is over, but it's still cold outside and there is a lot of snow.

We remind you that every day children need:

• for recess: warm waterproof pants,

• a spare pair of gloves,

• a scarf

• clothing and footwear with the children's name

• snack (apple and cookies)

• a small backpack

After the holidays, please check the spare clothing that is stored in the classroom.
With kind regards, Ekaterina Rodionova and
Susanne Ostrovsky