Casa 2, February
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter
Teachers: Ekaterina Rodionova and Susanne Ostrovsky

February, #6
Dear parents,
In January, we studied the Antarctica and the Arctic and learned about animals and birds that live there. Particular attention was paid to whales and penguins.
The second important topic that we started talking about is musical instruments. We will continue to study their names, listen to the sound, and to explore.
February topics
We will continue to study the names of musical instrument, listen to the sound, and to explore. We will also try to touch them. We are inviting parents who are ready to play for the children on any musical instrument. Further, we are waiting for our guests from the Glinka Museum of Music. Unfortunately, in January they did not manage to reach us. They will tell and show us some interesting musical instruments.

Another topic that we will discuss with the children is winter sports. Cold does not interfere with activity. Children who are engaged in winter sports, usually have a more developed and strong body and endurance. Also, winter sports contribute to the development of will power, coordination and courage. We will discuss with the children what kind of winter sports exist.
Maslenitsa, February, 12 - 18
Maslenitsa is considered an ancient Russian holiday. This is the farewell to the winter and the solemn meeting of the beautiful spring. Do you know why Maslenitsa is such a loud and noisy holiday? Because the earth needs to be awakened, and then spring will begin, it will be possible to plow the land and sow bread. We will tell the children about Maslenitsa: why is the holiday called like this, what games are played, why is a scarecrow burned and, of course, about the famous Maslenitsa pancakes.
Chinese New Year, February, 19 - 22
We will study Asia and get acquainted with the traditions of China. Special attention will be paid to the peculiarities of celebrating the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the most beloved and important holiday for the people of China. By tradition, it is celebrated at home, in the family circle. Preparations for this holiday begin long time ago - people buy food for the festive table, decorations for the house, gifts for relatives and friends, as well as new festive clothes.
Fathers Day, February, 22nd 8:30 - 10:00
An annual event of our school is Father's Day. We invite each child's father to come to class and enjoy breakfast together. Children will prepare a treat for tea, and then show their dads their class and tell them what they like to do in class.
Book club
In February, we will continue our book club meetings. We invite all interested parents with their children. Let's read by roles a story for children at candlelight, this month in Russian, drink tea and discuss current issues. Please send an e-mail to if you are interested. We will respond with the text of the story and your role. The date of the meeting is February 15th,
at 15.45.
Tooth brushing
We kindly ask parents of 4 and 5-year-old children to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste to class. We will learn to brush our teeth after lunch.
With kind regards, Ekaterina Rodionova and Susanne Ostrovsky