Newsletter #1,Casa 1, November
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, November, #3
Teachers: Rhoda Snyder and Susanne Ostrovsky
Dear Parents:

Hard to believe that we are in November already, especially when we are on a mini-break from November, 6th to November, 12th.
We are sure this month seems shorter because of the break.
October flew by with the children enjoying learning about leaves, pumpkins, the spider, the skeleton, the bat etc. We even managed to go on an excursion with our older children who were learning to identify different leaf shapes as well as witness one of the largest pumpkins on display making quite an impression on them!
We will continue our leaf activities and focus more on parts of the body this month. We will be emphasizing the importance of dental hygiene as we learn about our teeth, taking care of our bodies, heart, lungs, digestive system including how to eat healthy, bones, muscular structure etc. If you have a mini model of a skeleton that we could borrow for the month of November, we would surely appreciate and return it when done. Also we need books about our bodies which could be sent in to be read to the class and will be returned. Towards the end of month we will touch on feelings and how to deal with them and end of a theme of peace to usher in the month of December.
The weather has definitely changed to colder days ahead and we ask that you dress your child in proper attire for such weather. Please LABEL your child clothes, especially boots, mitts and hats which easily can get lost. With regards to gloves, please invest in mitts instead of finger gloves if your child is not able to put finger gloves on independently. We will place a lost and found bucket just in our small foyer outside the class for any articles of clothing we find. We also ask that no umbrellas come to school as the children do not go to the park with them as we don't want them lost in the park...

They are quite welcome to use an umbrella to protect them when it is raining in the morning. Just take the umbrella with you when you drop off your child, as raincoats and boots should suffice for their daily walk. The children stay indoors if the weather prevents them from enjoying a walk to the park. We once again ask for any kind of games, blocks, lego and toys which needs manipulation by hand to be donated to be enjoyed during those inclement weather days!
Don't miss out
On November, 18th, from 11 am to 1 pm an educational morning will be presented by Casa 1 teachers: Ms Rhoda Snyder will present Mathematics in Casa programme and Mrs Susanne Ostrovsky will present the Sensorial Area of Casa. Casa 2 had presented The Practical Life and Language areas last month and we trust that those who attended, found it helpful to understand Montessori Casa Programme. We advise you to attend as you will have a much better understanding of what kind of materials you child works with on a daily basis and how it assist their development.
We would like to thank Peter Zorin's family for bringing a lovely sofa for our reading corner. The corner became now more elegant and beautiful!

Also, great thanks to Leila Khaibullina for the gorgeous flowers for Ms.Snyder's birthday!
With kind regards,

Ms. Rhoda Snyder and Mrs. Susanne Ostrovsky