Newsletter #7, Casa 1, March
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, March, #7
Teacher: Rhoda Snyder
Dear Parents,

we hope that everyone had a great March break and that the children are ready to enjoy warmer Spring weather and less winter clothes!
We will go through the clothes cubbies to see if any clothes need replacement or had been outgrown, etc. There should be 2 of each item of clothing at all times and any soiled clothes must be replaced the next day. Please LABEL your child's clothes as any items without names will be placed in our Lost and Found box. Check this box too from time to time in the class and in the office.
Mother's Day March, 16th
Our Mothers Day tea will take place on Friday, March 16th from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. It is a lovely time between a mother and a child and the children are free to show their moms' anything of interest after they had enjoyed a lovely cup of tea and treats.
St.Patrick's Day March, 19th
On Monday March 19th, we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day and enjoy some Irish food as the children will learn more about Ireland, the European continent and this popular tradition. Children can wear green clothing and we would ask for some potato dishes(prepared in any way), cabbage or corn beef/beef or irish stew dishes which are usually eaten on this day instead of "green" food which isn't part of this tradition.
Focus of March
To continue the green theme, botany will be the focus in March as we begin our study about leaves, flowers, seeds, trees etc. and how to take care of our outside environment. We once again ask if a medium size plant could be sent in together with a plant container as the children learn how to take care of plants in the class. We are especially looking for different leaf shapes especially bigger ones that the children can wash!
We look forward to a wonderful warm and sunny Spring!

With kind regards,
Ms. Rhoda Snyder, Directress
Svetlana and Zara, Assistants