Newsletter #4, Casa 1, December
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, December, #4
Teachers: Rhoda Snyder and Susanne Ostrovsky
Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that we have come to the end of the year and the start of winter! It will be a very busy month and of course the children are very excited knowing the Christmas season is around the corner!
Human Body Study in November
We had a very productive November studying about our bodies. The children were particular intrigued with its inner workings! We will now focus on different cultures especially represented by the children in the class.
We will look at how Christmas is celebrated around the world or if a different celebration takes place during this Winter season. The children will also learn familiar songs of this time.

If there is anything that would be interesting for the children about how your family celebrates this season including some special meals, please share it with us.
Celebrations of the Month
Hannukah is a celebration that takes place during this month so the children will eat some potato latkes and learn what a deidrel is. Even a nativity set would be appreciated as we look at all the Festivals of Light.

If you can share with us your national traditional holiday please let us know asap.
Christmas Bazaar
We are also looking forward to our annual Christmas Bazaar taking place on December 17th! Our class would like to contribute something to the bazaar and we are looking for the smallest pine cones. If you have pine forest around or on your property we would appreciate if your child can collect a small bag to bring to the class for crafts with pinecones.
Class Observations for Parents
This month we will also start observations for 5 year old children as well as 4's depending on how many children we can fit in during December. Observations mean parents will sign up to come and watch what work their child is doing in the class, how children socialize with each other and in general how a Montessori class functions. Observations last for half an hour each. We will extend the invitation to the families starting with our eldest child and work our way down the list in terms of age. Those who cannot make it to an observation will have an opportunity to do so during the month of February when Observations will resume to include our 3's. Before we close for January winter break at the end of December each family will receive a report on how their child is progressing thus far.

We have a very busy and exciting month ahead and look forward to seeing you at our Christmas Bazaar!
With kind regards,

Ms. Rhoda Snyder and Mrs. Susanne Ostrovsky