Newsletter #8, Casa 1, April
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter, April, #8
Teacher: Rhoda Snyder
Dear Parents, good morning!

Seems like Spring has finally sprung! We will all be happy once we don't have to dress the children in all winter clothes any more!
Usually April showers bring May flowers so we will probably be seeing more rain this month. Therefore do dress your child appropriately for the rain with a raincoat and boots for those days we go outside if it is only a light rain. LABEL THEIR BOOTS especially as there may be identical ones! Please do not send umbrellas with your child as they stay in the classroom when we go outside. Usually if a child takes their umbrella during play time, they never really use it and there is a possibility it being left behind. If coming to school using the umbrella, take it with you when dropping your child off at school.
Easter Celebration April, 9th
This month is Easter celebration and we will begin to decorate eggs the first week of April to coincide with Orthodox Easter celebrations this coming weekend. The eggs usually will be empty or they will be used mostly for decoration which the children will bring home to serve as decoration at your Easter celebrations if you celebrate Easter. They will not be for eating. This way the eggs could be kept much longer for your child to enjoy as decorations at home.
We will also be looking eggs and their significance. The children will learn about various bird eggs as we look at the beginning of life coming from a egg. As well we will study about other lifecyles including that of the butterfly, frog, ladybug, chick, turtle etc.
Focus of April
We will continue with our Botany studies and will look at roots, trees and seeds. The children will grow their own seeds and learn to take care of their plants. We are still looking for donations of plants with medium or big leaves. The children learn to take care of plants by watering them regularly as well as cleaning their leaves from dust and debris, an activity that the younger children very much enjoy.
We have studied about the flower and continue to learn how to arrange flowers in vases to beautify the environment! Please take note of when your turn is coming up to supply about a variety of colorful flowers for the children to arrange. A list of names will be placed on the bulletin board outside the class and you will be reminded by weeks end if it your turn to supply a small bouquet of flowers. This is another favorite activity in the class.
Botany Garden Excursion April, 20th
We are planning to go to the Botanical Gardens on April 20th to continue our discussion of flowers. The excursion is for our afternoon children. Please also check with your afternoon child if they need new toothpaste or toothbrush.
Book Club April, 26th
We are also starting a book club for our parents once a month on the last Thursday of each month from 4 - 5 pm at which time we would like to have lively and wonderful discussions in a relaxed atmosphere with tea to follow. Our first reading is The Owners Manual for a Child by Donna Goertz and we look forward to interesting discussions! Our readings will be in English.
Please make sure your child has 2 sets of clothes in their clothes cubbies at all times. Zara and Svetlana will go through the cubbies and notify you if some clothes are missing. There is also a lost and found box on the cubbies by the door and if you are missing a clothing item, please check the box.
We look forward to a wonderful warm and sunny Spring!

With kind regards,
Ms. Rhoda Snyder, Directress
Svetlana and Zara, Assistants
Important Information
Gymnastics class seeks students
We have good news! At the moment our gymnastics class have spaces. The class is held in the appropriately equipped environment within the Parent Infant room, the professional trainer guides the lessons.

About the trainer: Alexander graduated from Volgograd State Institute of Arts and Culture. Alexander works in Moscow-Central Frontier Ensemble of the FSB of Russia as an artist of folk dance, soloist.
He is an instructor in acrobatics and Capoeira, champion of Russia in Capoeira. He has been a member of Capuier Federation in Moscow since 2013 to the present.
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