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Work in Toddler Community
What is a Toddler class? This is a homelike environment, a place where it is cozy, interesting, friendly, a place where you are welcomed every day! In January, Julia Kondrakova returned to work. Adaptation to the new teacher was successful and the calm concentrated activity of children serves as proof of this. This week, the children were very interested in trying on clothes, shoes and hats.
A joint project of the art studio and the laboratory is the Parthenon model - art history studied in practice! The work was planned for five older children, but as a result, almost all children from two classes joined. And now the goal is achieved! See on the short video the birth of the Parthenon.
Physical Development
Finally, true physical education classes appeared at MSM! The classes are held by Yana Lyakhovich, taekwondo and fitness trainer, for Elementary and Middle School children. During a walk in the stadium, children warm up, perform various exercises in a game form, participate in relay races, and play football. Children admit that they have long been waiting for such activity and are engaged with diligence and attention!
January 31, 2020
Chinese New Year in Casa Dei Bambini
Casa Dei Bambini children celebrated Chinese New Year! Children learned how to write hieroglyphs, practiced in handling chopsticks, sang a song about a dragon, watched a video about a lion dance and found out why Chinese people wear red to celebrate New Year.
Training Evacuation
On January, 29th a training evacuation took place at MSM. The last one was in October and now we reapeat all over again the evacuation technology so that children learn to remain calm and concentrate on adult directions. The total average evacuation time for all programs (Toddler, Casa, Elementary and Middle School) is 50 seconds.