Middle School
Montessori education for young adolescents
Middle School
Montessori education for young adolescents
Montessori School of Moscow has an aim to continue the development of Montessori education and to create a unique educational environment for young adolescents aged 12 to 15, following Dr. Maria Montessori's vision.
The program provides a broad range of experiences to meet a young person's needs for intellectual stimulation, creative expression, independence, responsibility, social development, preparation for adult life, and personal growth. As a place-based learning environment, we are aiming to create a program with the natural world.

The curriculum matches and exceeds skills for middle grades and early secondary levels and builds on the Montessori elementary curriculum to provide a course of study that offers exceptional depth and opportunities for personal engagement. The three-year program includes integrated science, interdisciplinary humanities, mathematics from pre-algebra through geometry, English, literature and art studies, a wide range of arts offerings, and music education.
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