Literature club
For 3-6 y.o. children on Tuesdays
3:45- 4:45 pm
Classes include articulatory gymnastics, learning tongue twisters, guessing and learning riddles; Acquaintance with the author, reading, discussion of various works, children writing stories from pictures, acquaintance with genres.
How your child benefits from these classes
Formation of interest and need for reading (perception) of books, expansion of vocabulary
The development of artistic perception and aesthetic taste
The development of literary speech, familiarization with verbal art
The formation of a holistic picture of the world
Ekaterina Rodionova
Ekaterina has been working in education since 2004, developing an interest in Montessori by 2009. She is an author of a range of articles and publications on education. Since 2015, Ekaterina has been involved in the first 3-6 AMI diploma course in Moscow. A mother of two, she applies all of her knowledge and energy to creating an interesting and warm atmosphere in her program at MSM. Ekaterina is an experienced and keen educator.
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