A short story about creating MSM community
Eight years ago, as a "newcomer" to the field Valentina Zaytseva first got introduced to the method and she realized that teaching was not her strongest point and chose to focus on the organizational aspects of running a school. Any school is a living organism: it evolves through different stages. A good Montessori school is characterised by an emphasis on independence, freedom of choice (within limits), and respect for each child's natural psychological, physical, and social development.
Supportive learning environment
All these years at Montessori School of Moscow, we have been working to create a supportive learning environment for everyone: children, parents, teachers. For the community at large, the school hosted events with internationally recognized guest speakers and put forth various initiatives designed to increase public awareness of Montessori Education in Russia. This enabled us to provide our teachers with professional development opportunities that contribute to them reaching their full potential. We have built a library of thought-provoking documentaries and books that any member of our community can access to further their knowledge.
In 2014, five years after its inception, MSM has finally entered a period of sustained growth. I would like to pay tribute to our wonderful teachers and staff and all families for being with us! I am confident that Montessori School of Moscow is indeed a unique place for children to learn, grow and enjoy their childhood.
Valentina Zaytseva, founder of Montessori School of Moscow