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What are home visit, psychologist help and consultation?
Home Visit
The home visit is part of a contract between a family and the school, and is the first day of cooperation. During the visit, the teacher is establishing psychological contact with the child, get acquainted with the peculiarities of the development of future student, gives advices on the home environment: how we see the child's nutrition, sleep conditions and the toilet and dressing areas.
Psychologist Help
If a family or teachers have questions about a child's emotional behaviour, we provide the opportunity to the psychologist as an independent expert to observe your child in the classroom and to advise teachers and family. Observation and first consultation is paid by the school. If you want to cooperate with our psychologists in the future, then the payment is made by the family and discussed with the psychologist.
Consultation of a Teacher
In order to see in practice how the Montessori philosophy is implemented at home, what kind of dishes you can use, how to help your child's independance, how to establish limits and teach the child to respond to "no", what activities are relevant to your child's age and what are useless, highly qualified teachers of Montessocri School of Moscow provide services of home counseling.
Cost of services 3000 RUB/hour.