Workshops and lectures
Parent Education
for all families of Montessori School of Moscow.
The detailed descriptions of some of the workshops are available below.
Parent Education
for all families of Montessori School of Moscow.
The detailed descriptions of some of the workshops are available below.
October, 28th
11 am - 1 pm
Math and Sensorial Areas in a Montessori classroom

This seminar explains the concept of the whole approach to academic knowledge in a Montessori school and will show you that this particular approach is the most logical for a human being. This seminar will allow you to get the understanding of the reason why you invest part of the family budget, paying for study at MSM. The participation of all Casa dei Bambini parents is compulsory, especially for the fathers. Please, mark your calendars.

The seminar will be held by Rhoda Snyder and Susanne Ostrovsky.
November, 4th
11 am - 2 pm
Understanding Cosmic Education

What are the nature and origins of linear curriculum used in a traditional education with the nature and origins of nonlinear approach to learning, which implemented in Montessori method?

What is the structure of the Cosmic Education program? Great lessons, key lessons, presentations, follow-ups and projects – how all of these create a learning environment that foster curiosity, independence and intelligence?

The purpose of this seminar is to answer to all of these questions, to supply you with a "big picture" of Cosmic Education, and to share with you a glimpse of the learning experience in the Montessori elementary environment.

The seminar will be held by Yulia Belotskaya and Dmitry Ostrovsky.

November, 18th
10 am - 12 pm
Home Environment. Part 2

At the Part 2 Svetlana will talk about the aspects of speech development at this age.She will also tell how to help the child in the development of speech, what books to choose, how to develop emotional intelligence and what advice psychologists give on communication with children of this age.

The workshop will be held in Toddler 2 classroom (in Svetlana Makeeva's class).
We are expecting all new families to be there. The participation for returning families is optional.

November, 22nd
4 pm - 5 pm
Home Environment for children from 0 to 12 months

Eleonora Lyudvik will hold a seminar on "Home Environment for children 0-5 months and 5-12 months".
We will discuss the needs of the children of this age group. We will talk about materials that help children to gain independence.
We will also take a look at the mobiles and the age of their use as well as the materials for the development of child's first year of life.

December, 2nd
11 am - 1 pm
Classroom Management

The task of this seminar is to give parents the experience of being in the classroom. What is the presentation in a Montessori class, follow-up work, work on the project? Parents will be able to understand how the ability to choose work or material is formed, and how to get academic knowledge in practice.

The seminar will be held by Yulia Belotskaya and Dmitry Ostrovsky.
January, 27th
10 am - 1 pm
Rules of the Game by Elena Snarskaya. Part 1

To be clear, concise and understandable is the important task of adult with children. Unfortunately, our language in communicational process with a child often is saturated with too many questions, exclamations, instructions and other not very useful for understanding each other things. It was made in past time and we unconsciously continue this tradition today.

At the training, we will make an attempt to move away from the tradition and bring to their practice communication with children in different models:

• We will be in the role-playing game to master the techniques of effective attention and support.

• Learn the technique of direct instruction.

• investigate our own position in the interaction with the child.

• Follow our own borders, where they go, how we hold them.

• Pay attention to matching a voice message and posture, gesture, glance, that accompany it.

February, 3rd
11 am - 1 pm
Math in Elementary Classroom

Concise descriptions of the complete range of Montessori math materials combined with details of how the children use them. It is immensely valuable as a ready reference for all Montessori teachers; a text for Montessori teachers in training; an explanation for parents and administrators of how these ingenious materials enhance children's thinking, problem solving and brain development. Mr. Duffy is an experienced Montessori teacher who is now a teacher-trainer.

The seminar will be held by Yulia Belotskaya and Dmitry Ostrovsky.
February, 7th
4 pm - 5 pm
Normalization: How to Deal with Deviant Behaviour

On the seminar you will find out:
- Exercises of practical life as means of normalization of the child in the environment;
- How to put the energy of the child in the right direction;
- How to deal with tantrums.

The seminar will be held by Eleonora Lyudvik.
March, 17th
4 pm - 5 pm
TV-Screens and Gadgets

Parents still consider the television a member of the family. Mobile apps are every parent's new best friend. Parents now assume screen time is an important element in early childhood development. Rhoda Snyder refutes these and other stereotypes associated with the use of screens. Miss Snyder will tell you that the world's best educators and teachers are concerned about the impact of technology on the developing of young children's brain. Problems such as excess weight, hyperactivity syndrome, autism are directly related to the use of gadgets in the lives of children under 6 years old.
March, 31st
10 am - 12 pm
Freedom and Limits. Where is the balance?

At the seminar we will answer the following questions:

· Do children need boundaries before they turn three?
· What is the difference between freedom and permissiveness?
· How to understand what kind of limits my child needs?
· What to do when children cry?
· How to talk to a child, so that they listen?
· How to talk to a child, so that he does what you ask, etc.

The seminar will be held by Svetlana Makeeva in Toddler 2 class.
April, 7th
11 am - 1 pm
New Elementary Class

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