Dungeons and Dragons
For 6-12 y.o. children - on Mondays and Wednesdays
3:45 - 4:45 pm

Dear parents!

From Monday (09.09.2019) the game "Dungeon and Dragons" is coming back!
On Mondays the game will be held by Dmitry Ostrovsky. The payment is according to the plan. Plan options are available here.

On Wednesdays the game will be held by Egor Mershiev, our student. Dmitry Ostrovsky will be helping him. First three games with Egor will cost 250 rubles each, all the following games - 600 rubles each. You can pay for games with Egor in cash in our office.

For all new children: Dmitry and Egor will explain the game rules in class.
About the Game
The world famous fantasy role-playing game that appeared in the 1970s. It has a number of characteristic features and features that have had a significant impact on the development of various games around the world.
In the game there is a Master, who is at the same time the arbiter and host of the game, who does not have his own game character, but describes the world and everything that happens in it. The remaining players control their alter ego - in the game there is a deep role component, starting with the choice of people, class, characteristics, skills and equipment, and ending with the character's invented biography. During the game, each player is free to set any actions for his character, and the results of actions are determined by the master in accordance with the rules. Random events are determined by the roll of the cube. Players travel the world and perform various tasks of the leader. During the journey, the characters become stronger and acquire new things, as well as earn money. A game may include many smaller episodes where characters move from one to another. It may end after completing a certain mission, and may continue endlessly.
Dmitry Ostrovsky
Born in Moldova, Dmitry immigrated to Israel with his family when he was 9 years old. He earned his B.A. in Literature, M.A. in Philosophy, and his teaching certification at the University of Tel Aviv. During his studies he learned about Maria Montessori and her method, and co-founded a progressive school in Israel. Dmitry earned his AMI Elementary diploma at the Montessori Training Center Northeast in Hartford, CT, USA. Dmitry is married and a father of three children.
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