Childbirth and Parenting
Programs for Parents-to-be
You are about to start one of the most important journeys of your life. A safe and healthy birth gives a child a feeling of being secure, confident and loved. Whatever happens in this journey through life, you'll be sure that your child will never lose these gifts they received at the moment of the Birth.
Why choose our course?
At our Prenatal Class you will learn how to breathe the right way during Birth, how to cope with contractions and pain during Birth; what is necessary to do during different stages of labor (Labor Map); safe positions for childbirth; how to organise a safe Home Environment for a newborn and many other interesting topics.

Topics covered in childbirth education classes include:

- Female Reproductive System / Nutrition
- Stages of Labor and Delivery
- Breastfeeding / Weaning process
- Preparation of the home environment for the baby / Making Montessori mobiles
- Development of movement in 0-3 / Discussion of furniture/materials to aid this development
- Bathing the baby / Discussion of "after birth care" of baby, mom and dad
- Development of Language in 0-3
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Irina Moiseykina will start the program on Octeber, 5th
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