Starovolynskaya, street 12, building 3
8th Christmas Charity Bazaar

December, 16th 12:00 - 5:00 pm
Entrance fee: RUB 200
Starovolynskaya, 12, building 3
8th Christmas Charity Bazaar
December, 16th 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Entrance fee: RUB 200
The incredible success of the bazaar is the contribution of everyone. Due to the united efforts we managed to collect 420 000 rubles during the Bazaar'17
MSM team is very grateful to all families, sponsors and guests who take an active part in the organization of the event, and to all who provides informational and financial support. We are so happy to gather every year in our cozy school space.
Whom we support this year
Olga Kiryakova
Olga is 25 years old, the main diagnosis is the progressive muscular dystrophy of Erba-Roth. The disease began to manifest at 5 years, there was a gradual progression of muscle weakness. Olga turned to neurologists, geneticists in Tomsk and Moscow. Since 12 years old she has been moving using a wheelchair.
social Foundation
Partnership for Each Child
The work of this social foundation is carried out in various directions. One of the directions is the program called Respite. This is the first and only social service in Russia for parents of children with disabilities. It provides the opportunity to receive help from a specially trained professional family to whom they can temporarily entrust the child. This kind of help allows to change the situation in the family for the better: parents receive timely support in caring for the child, the opportunity to solve urgent matters or just relax, the child learns to communicate with new people. The service reduces the psychological tension in the family, improves the quality of its life and saves the family for the child.
deaf and blind support foundation
The Connection Foundation provides assistance to people with impaired hearing and vision throughout Russia. Deafness with blindness is a unique disease in which people have the greatest possible number of limitations of the main categories of vital activity.
One of the priority tasks of the foundation is the revival of innovative approaches to the medical and pedagogical rehabilitation of the deaf-blind. In 2017, the Foundation initiated the first two bionic-eye implantation operations. This made it possible for the first time in Russia to return sight to a totally blind person, which was previously considered impossible. The foundation needs your support so that the loss of sight and hearing does not become a sentence in our country.

On December, 16th at the 8th Christmas Charity Bazaar there will be presented ceramics from the blind and deaf masters - the fosterlings of the Connection Foundation. Yes! You read it right: the blind and deaf masters. They do not see or hear, but their hands create miracles.