6th Christmas Charity Bazaar Report

We have prepared the report and photos about
Christmas Charity Bazaar, which took place
December 18th, 2016.
249,000 rubles were raised at the bazaar
All funds raised at the bazaar will be given:
- for "Svetlitsa" shelter needs. This is a house for pregnant women and mothers with newborns which is located in Kostroma city;

- to Vlada Raku. This girl has cerebral palsy, she needs a course of treatment;
- to Darya Lishtovnaya. This girl has worked in one of Montessori schools in Moscow and she has sever seriousdeseases and is in need of regular maintenance medications, including immunomodulators, dietary supplements, and etc. She needs to spend about 40 thousand rubbles on a course with immunoglobulin.

- On New Year's gifts for veterans;

- On New Year's gifts to the elderly house.

Full report on the funds we transfer will be given in March, after the travelling to the house of mother and child Svetlitsa.