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7th Christmas Charity Bazaar
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7th Christmas Charity Bazaar
The incredible success of the bazaar is the contribution of everyone. Due to the united efforts we managed to collect 420 000 rubles!
The 7th Christmas Charity Bazaar which took place on December, 17th had great success!
MSM team is very grateful to all families, sponsors and guests who took an active part in the organization of the event, and to all who provided information and material support. We are so happy that we gathered in our cozy school space.
All funds raised at the bazaar
Olga Kiryakova
200 000 were sent to Olga. She is 24 years old, the main diagnosis is the progressive muscular dystrophy of Erba-Roth. The disease began to manifest at 5 years, there was a gradual progression of muscle weakness. Olga turned to neurologists, geneticists in Tomsk and Moscow. Since 12 years old she has been moving using a wheelchair ...
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Svetlitsa Shelter, Nerekhta town
150 000 went to Nerechta Shelter. The work of the Svetlitsa orphanage is aimed at protecting the family, motherhood and childhood, countering abortion and separating mother and child due to social indicators.
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On March 6th, Olga sent us a letter in which she says that her condition is improving:

"My condition is gradually improving, I am more active - I go out, meet friends, attend events. A couple of weeks ago, I was in the hospital, examined, the doctors were pleasantly surprised by the results, and we are just happy! "
10 000 rubbles we spent for Christmas gifts for elderly house.

Also Nadezhda Raku was given 25 000 rubbles for her daughter's surgery who strugles of cerebral palsy.

20 000 rubbles were sent to a large family of Priest Pavel Usachev from the village of Kostromino in the Sergiev Posad District.

20 000 rubbles we sent to Skorbyaschensky Monastery in Khmelevo village, Vladimir region.

6 000 were sent to an indigent family fromMoscow.
We thank those who provided organizational support before and during the bazaar:
Aigul and Oleg Chalov's
Konstantin and Violetta Philippov's
Valentina Zaytseva and Konstantin Nosenko
Jelena and Weyne Tranulis
Olesya Kuneyko and Sergey Zakharov
Thomas Galen Grove and Alejandra Cecilia Felicio
Pavel Kuchin and Dilyara Makhmutova
Anastasia and Zurab Matua
Leila Khaybullina and Michail Gusev
Marina Zazharskaya and Dmitry Dmitriev
Francois Gingueneau and Viktoria Pomokhaeva
Eva Maria Moroz
Sergey Kondrashin
Andrei Kryukov
Svetlana Elmanova
Yulia Belotskaya
Sergey Remizov
Dmitry Ostrovsky
Eleonora Lyudvik
Natalia Djadjurko
Rhoda Snyder
Ksenia Kholmovskaya
Zara Grigoryan
Polina Lukankina
Elena Medvedeva
Svetlana Myadzel
Ksenia Brodulenko
We thank Zhuravlev's family, Maxim Pigolev, Igor Nikonenko, Tatiana Dmitrieva, Vladimir Perkhurov, Majya Nazarova and Anglina Lyulina, whose products and goods made the bazaar a true festival.

We also express gratitude to Carolina and Timos Athanasiou, Viktoria Pomokhaeva, Amina Bourouis, Anzhelika Chichagova, Eva Maria Moroz for the handmade goods they brought to the bazaar market.
Home made meals, brilliant service and the success of our cafe are the merit of our parents and members of staff! We thank Inga Saksena, Olesya Kuneyko, Sergei and Alena Zhuravlev's, Karolina Athanasiou, Amina Bourouis and Firas Darwish, Leyla Khaybullina and Mikhail Gusev, Natalya Djadjurko, Roman Fedosov, Ksenia Kholmovskaya and Sergey Kondrashin.

We thank Taisia Pukhlyakova, as well as Sergey and Alena Zhuravlev's for providing the necessary equipment for the cafe.

We thank Anna Chichagova, Sergey Kondrashin, Pavel Kuchin and Fedor and Viktoria from Zhuravlev's Little Bakery for the brilliant service in our cafe.
Special thanks to Ekaterina Trutneva, Georgy Paniashvili and Maria Ginzburg, Ksenia Zorina, Aigul Chalova, Francois Gingueneau and Viktoria Pomokhaeva, Konstantin Sokolov and Sofie Vergnas, Olga and Oleg Bondarev's as well as Tijana Vucak and Dusan Kaljevic for the various lottery prises.

The big variety of the workshops didn't let the little visitors get bored. We thank Uliana Legkaya, Zara Grigorian, Onishi and Kurita families for origami workshop, Elena Medvedeva, Ksenia and Ekaterina Zorin's, Natalia O'Sullivan and Ekaterina Rodionova, Glaiza Joy Rigor, Antonina Feneva, Angelina Lyulina, Sofia Zdanovskaya, Alexandra Khodakova and Karolina Yakubeni.
We thank the inimitable Sergey Chashnikov and Roman Fedosov
for holding the auction!
The auction was marked by the participation of both novice artists and professionals. All works without exception attracted the attention of guests.

We thank Francois Gingueneau and Victoria Pomokhaeva, Vagan Vardanyan and Natalia Antonyan, Ekaterina Ryazantseva and Sergei Tishkun for the works of art they have provided.

We thank the artists Lyudmila Zvegintseva, Andrey Sinelnikov, Elena Stebakova, Maria Burtseva, Ivan Blaginin, and Svetlana Burova for their art works. We thank students of the Russian Academy of Painting - Evgenia Malina, Elena Zakharova, Nikolay Vryasov and Sergei Zhuchenko for the great paintings.

We thank Sergey Krylov and Tatyana Krylov-Puchkov for the unique works of theater artists Konstantin Eliseev and Alexander Konstantinovsky.
We thank all the children of Casa dei Bambini, who performed with wonderful numbers before a large audience, as well as their leaders - Valentina Vareneva, Suzanne Ostrovsky, Ruben Petrosyan, Yulia Belotskaya and Dmitry Ostrovsky!

Special thanks to Elena Medvedeva and Elementary children for the organization of the Elementary Christmas Market with a wide variety of goods. Candle holders, decorative boards, Christmas decorations and many other things children have been making themselves during the month. The volume of bazaar sales surprised all our expectations!
We thank the participants of the art auction! Annually more and more guests are beginning to be interested in this project. After all, it not only helps to raise funds for charitable needs, this auction also helps uncover unknown names in art.

We thank Evgenia Udalova and Pavel Ravun, Leila Khaybullina and Mikhail Gusev, Sofiya Zdanovskaya and Andrey Kryukov, Tatiana Shevkunova, Elena Fedosova-Gonidi, Alexander Shevkunov, Nina Reznikova and Dmitriy Fedorov, Valentina Zaytseva, Sergey Shakhov and Svetlana Yakovleva, Natalia Antonyan and Vahan Vardanyan, Ekaterina Ryazantseva and Sergey Tishkun.
Big thanks to Vadim Syadro and Natalia Antonyan for photo shooting!