Casa 2, November
Casa dei Bambini Newsletter
Teachers: Ekaterina Rodionova and Natalia O Sullivan

November, #3
Dear parents, good afternoon!
October gave us a beautiful autumn weather and bright colors of trees! We had an eventful month.
Children of Casa dei Bambini went to the Botanical Garden for an exhibition where the variety of pumpkins was presented. Most of the children liked the big pumpkin which was called "The Queen Pumpkin", weighing more than 400 kg. Leaving the pavilion with pumpkins, the children saw a garden with cabbages. It turns out that cabbage is not always green and spherical. Some cabbages are grown for decoration and not for food. Walking along the paths of the park, we met all different types of the trees that have been studied in the classroom. We discussed the shape, colour and size of the leaves. We collected them for our herbarium. The children were very pleased with the Manchurian walnut; each took a souvenir in a pocket. The nut looks very similar to the walnut, but the shape is more elongated and it's not edible.
Work in the Classroom
This month, we remembered the continents and the names of the animals that live on them. They studied the forms of land and water, made arts and crafts and books about them.

Timothy brought to the class an unusual fruit - pomelo. We studied its shape, colour, smell, thickness of the skin and, of course, taste. We saw how the fruits grow on the tree and that the largest citrus comes from China.

In the month of November we will talk about a human body, the structure, hygiene, safety. Also children are showing great interest in the theme about dinosaurs and after our school holidays we are going to study the theme and prepare the material that will help us to learn and discover.
Halloween &
The Fear-Fighting Day
The children's excitement about this holiday can easily be understood - children like to dress up and eat sweets. But the true background of this holiday does not allow us to take it as a topic of the 3 to 6 classroom celebration. We have found an alternative topic that should be discussed with our children during the Halloween. And that was children's fears.

All children are afraid of something and this is normal. How do we fight our fears? What does the courage mean? What kinds of fears do exist? Why do children feel fear when they find they have done something wrong? We discussed how we can behave in different situations and what to say to an adult in order not to feel scared. Fear of performing on stage - is this familiar to children? All this has been discussed during the month of October as well as read in the books on this topic.

Thanks to all the parents who have brought children to the class! We have been cutting, glueing, drawing during that day. And after that we had a celebration! We called it "The Fear-Fighting Day". Each child has received his own Certificate of Courage, painted a pumpkin and baked a cupcake for parents.
Spare Clothes
Let us remind you once again that each child must have a set of spare clothes.
A T-shirt
Longsleeve T-shirt
A pair socks
Also please note that every day your child needs:
Waterproof pants, gloves and boots

Please label your child's clothes!

With kind regards,

Ekaterina and Natalia