Casa 2, December
Newsletter for Casa dei Bambini parents
Class of Ekaterina Rodionova and Natalia O Sullivan

December, #4
Dear parents!
In this letter we will tell you what the children have been doing during November, you will also find information about parent observations start in the class and plans for December.
Human being
Human Body is the most complex organism on our planet, which can perform several functions simultaneously.
In November, we have discussed all of the topics with our children and studied the external and internal structure of the human body: muscles, bones, internal organs. We talked about breathing and digestive system. We looked as well at five senses that help us get important information about the world: hearing, sight, smell, taste, tactile feeling. We read books, assembled a magnetic human body constructer, drawn the body parts and wrote about it.
Observations and Meetings
In December, parents can come for observation and have a meeting with us after. Observations will be conducted only for parents of 4-6 year olds. Our younger children are emotionally still not ready to separate with observing parent. You will find a signing sheet at the entrance of the class on which you can put your name down for an observation and a meeting with teachers. We recommend coming for an observation first and then to meet with us, but this order is not obligatory.
Literature Club
We would like to communicate with our parents more often. From this month on, we have decided to hold a book club in our class. Children are invited with their parents to join the club. We are going to meet once a month and read the story by roles under the candlelight, drink tea and discuss any important topics. We will announce additional meetings.
Also in December
Christmas Bazaar
On December 17th, the school will host an annual Christmas bazaar.

We are inviting you and your friends to join us! Throughout the whole month of December we are going to prepare crafts for the bazaar and decorate the class. During the bazaar Ekaterina and me will hold a cooking class for children.
Christmas in Different Countries
It's not a secret that every country celebrates the New Year and Christmas in its own way. For us, this holiday is associates with the lights on the Christmas tree, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, with the smell of tangerines, walnuts in gold foil and New Year's festivities ... But do you know that the traditions of celebration in all other countries are different. We want to introduce the traditions to the children. We are going to talk about countries, New Year and Christmas rituals, along the way we are going to study and repeat the flags of the countries we are talking about. And, of course, we will do crafts, read books and sing songs.
In our class unexpectedly a new tradition of tasting took root. We have already tried watermelon, melon, autumn fruits and berries of Russia, pomelo.

Recently, Seva's mandarins came into the classroom. He picked them from a tree (we didn't managed to find out whether he used someone's help or not) in Cyprus. Seva has lots of good emotions related to Cyprus: "I was born in Cyprus! You can walk barefoot and wear shorts, it is never cold there. And there is a sea. In Cyprus there are no shops." Bright, orange mandarins were shared honestly with all the children - it gave us a chance to talk about what the division is, we found Cyprus on the world map and learned the flag of the country.
Winter Clothing
The weather gets very cold outside. Please, provide your children with warm, waterproof trousers, spare gloves, scarves. Label all clothing and shoes (at the class we have three pairs of Reima boots of the same color)

Children also need to have a proper backpack with them on everyday basis.
With kind regards,
Ekaterina and Natalia