Montessori School of Moscow is the brainchild of Valentina Zaytseva. She first started the school in 2009, initially under the name of Moscow Montessori Preschool, supported by a group of enthusiastic parents and teachers. Her mission was to bring an international standard of Montessori education to Moscow.
In 2015 Valentina obtained her AMI 0-3 diploma from the Higher School of the Montessori Method in St. Petersburg, Russia.
"Continuing the family tradition, I always felt the struggle inside me between two occupations: architecture and education. Montessori combines both. Montessori Education is like architecture. When you build a house, you need a solid foundation, harmonious and functional architecture considering the peculiarities of the tenants and good-quality construction. In Montessori pedagogy, it is necessary to lay a strong foundation for the "absorbent mind", recognize the talents of each child and organize a fully-prepared learning environment. Montessori School of Moscow is indeed a harmonious space perfectly built to help children find their calling."
Ksenia joined MSM in 2012. An alumna of the International School of Brussels, she graduated from Peoples' Friendship University of Russia with a major in Sociology. Before joining MSM, Ksenia has worked at the European Medical Center and Boston Consulting Group. She is fluent in English and French. As of summer 2017 Ksenia began her studies at The Montessori Training Center of British Columbia in Vancouver and is working towards her 0-3 AMI diploma. She is a keen sportswoman and believes that reaching one's full potential is only possible when you lead a healthy lifestyle.
Eleonora has been involved with MSM since our opening in 2009. Eleonora has studied in Russia, United States and Japan. She speaks fluent English and some Japanese. Eleonora is qualified by Association Montessori Internationale to work with children under 3 years of age and their families. She holds her Assistants to Infancy diploma from The Montessori Institute of Denver. Eleonora also holds a Master's degree in Education from Loyola University (USA), where she focused on Special Needs as part of her studies.
Besides her AMI diploma she holds diplomas in economics and linguistics. As an experienced Montessori guide and MSM member of staff she is now helping with enrolling new students and getting parents acquainted with the Montessori method and school procedures.
Communications Manager
Maria has been involved with MSM since 2010, first as an assistant in our Casa dei Bambini program, and since 2013 in administration. Now Maria is in charge of school website, developing and adapting it to the needs of our school community and making it a helpful resource for our new families. With her deep interest in educational issues, Maria brings her energy and creativity to MSM team work. Most of all she enjoys spending time with her little sons, her spare time she dedicates to music.
Natalia has been contributing her organisational skills to the school life since November 2106, helping in monitoring and maintenance of the vital daily administrative process. She is now studying children's psychology and strives to develop as a specialist in the field. She is a mother of two daughters and her spare time Natalia dedicates to sports, including swimming, cycling and snowboarding.