Staff of Montessori School of Moscow
Dmitry Ostrovsky
Lead Teacher, Elementary Program
Born in Moldova, Dmitry immigrated to Israel with his family when he was 9 years old. He earned his B.A. in Literature, M.A. in Philosophy, and his teaching certification at the University of Tel Aviv. During his studies he learned about Maria Montessori and her method, and co-founded a progressive school in Israel. Dmitry earned his AMI Elementary diploma at the Montessori Training Center Northeast in Hartford, CT, USA. Dmitry is married and a father of three children. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing poetry and stories, dancing, and making music. He is very keen on Peace Education.
Yulia Belotskaya
Lead Teacher, Elementary Program
"As soon as I started my Cosmic Education training in Switzerland (Centre de Formation Montessori Francophonie AMI) I was convinced of the urgency to spread the Montessori method of education in Russia and for the Russian-speaking children. This will help them become part of the worldwide community of happy, open minded and conscious people." Julia obtained her 6-12 AMI diploma in the summer of 2015 and now leads our Elementary program along with Dmitry.
Rhoda Snyder
Lead Teacher, Casa dei Bambini
Ms. Snyder has worked with Calgary Montessori School for 12 years where she had started in 1999 as an Assistant and where she has been directing and launching classes as a Directress since 2005. Rhoda holds her AMI 3-6 certification from the Montessori Institute Northwest in Portland, OR, USA. Her professional goal is to eventually become a Montessori trainer at the 3-6 level.
Ms. Snyder is a Canadian citizen, originally from South Africa. Rhoda comes from a diverse family and is very keen on teaching culture and music to children.
Ekaterina Rodionova
Head of Russian Language Program
Ekaterina has been working in education since 2004, developing an interest in Montessori by 2009. She is an author of a range of articles and publications on education. Since 2015, Ekaterina has been involved in the first 3-6 AMI diploma course in Moscow. A mother of two, she applies all of her knowledge and energy to creating an interesting and warm atmosphere in her program at MSM. Ekaterina is an experienced and keen educator.
Natalia O Sullivan
Teacher, Casa dei Bambini
Natalia has been working for Montessori School of Moscow as an assistant teacher since 2014. Having obtained her diploma from Montessori Centre International in June 2016 she is now co-teaching with Ekaterina Rodionova in our bi-lingual 3-6 classroom. Natalia is in charge of the English language component in our Casa Dei Bambini 2 class. Having lived in the UK for 12 years she has become a guide of British culture for the children in her class.
Svetlana Makeeva
Lead Teacher, Toddler Community
Svetlana holds her 0-3 Montessori qualification from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), obtained through the Higher School of the Montessori Method in St. Petersburg, Russia. Svetlana has been involved with this method of education since 2008, first as a parent and later as a professional guide. She now leads our Toddler Community, contributes to our prenatal and parent infant programs and is actively involved in our parent education initiatives. Svetlana is fluent in English.
Alexandra Shudibil
Teacher, Toddler Community
Alexandra holds her AMI diploma from Patricia Walner's course in St. Petersburg. Since 2012 Alexandra has been working as a Toddler teacher, and hosting parent education workshops.
"Children are unselfish givers of love, they are kind, responsive, direct and infinitely trusting. I try to approve their trust and strive to create the most gentle environment for the development of each child," says Alexandra.
Yulia Elmanova
Teacher, Toddler Community
Yulia has been involved with education for over 6 years, continuing the family tradition of teaching. In the summer of 2015 Julia got her AMI 0-3 certification from The Montessori Institute of Denver. Those children who attended her class in 2014-2015 have been demonstrating high levels of development since they moved to the Casa dei Bambini program in September 2015.
Eleonora Lyudvik
Lead Teacher, Parent Infant Program
Eleonora has been involved with MSM since our opening in 2009. Eleonora has studied in Russia, United States and Japan. She speaks fluent English and some Japanese. Eleonora is qualified by Association Montessori Internationale to work with children under 3 years of age and their families. She holds her Assistants to Infancy diploma from The Montessori Institute of Denver. Eleonora also holds a Master's degree in Education from Loyola University (USA), where she focused on Special Needs as part of her studies.
Assistant Teachers
Susanne Ostrovsky
Assistant Teacher, Casa dei Bambini
Born and raised in Austria, Susanne completed her M.A. studies in Piano Pedagogics with a major in Early Childhood Music Education (Carl Orff). During her studies she spent one year abroad in Tel Aviv and Moscow for research. In 2004 Susanne moved to Israel. Since 2010 she has been working as a Montessori guide. Susanne earned her NAMC Montessori diplomas for primary and lower elementary levels, and attended the 3-6 foundation course with AMI. Susanne is married and a mother of three children.
Uliana Legkaya
Assistant, Casa dei Bambini
Uliana holds a degree in Tourism, and has completed an introductory Montessori course in 2016. She is a student of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. "I began to work as an assistant and feel very happy about it. Assisting children helps my inner child to surface, it helps me to disclose and put in use such qualities as patience, caring, understanding, which develop love to the environment and people. I like reading, cooking and travelling. I am fond of doing yoga to maintain a balanced life."
Antonina Feneva
Assistant, Casa dei Bambini
Antonina has been
working with children since 2003. She graduated from the faculty of Philology and Press. She has qualification in Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education. Montessori method is very similar to Antonina's philosofy of life. Together with her husband they actively use Montessori method to educate their 8-years-old daughter.
Anastasia Karasevich
Assistant, Toddler Community
At the moment Nastya studies History of Art professionally and she is the author of several albums about contemporary artists. "Montessori School of Moscow allows me to study a variety of sociocultural phenomena which affect the formation of a person. Working as a Montessori assistant also gives me an opportunity to demonstrate sensitivity, patience, emotional intelligence and above all ability to listen."
Glaiza Joy Ordonio
Assistant, Toddler Community
Glaiza graduated from Araullo University - Phinma Education Network in the Phillipines with a Bachelor degree in Nursing. "I believe that a Montessori schools differs a lot from any other educational system by the approach. I like a lot working at MSM because it is an international school which shows respect, care and trust to all people. I am very proud to be part of this Montessori tradition".
Svetlana Elmanova
Assistant, Toddler Community
"I became interested in Montessori system six years ago when I was preparing to become a mother. At home I tried to create such an environment, in which learning is the right of the child and not an obligation, and where he is treated as a personality. Montessori School of Moscow has become another home for me, in the full sense of the word."
Zara Grigoryan
Assistant, Toddler Community
Zara used to work in marketing until autumn 2016 when she decided to come back to Russia after seven years spent in Poland. She speaks fluent English, Polish, Russian and native Armenian. Her hobby is music and she dedicates all her free time to singing in choir.
Eva Maria Moroz
Assistant teacher, Casa dei Bambini
Eva has been working in the team as an assistant since 2011, first in Toddler, and since 2014 - in Casa dei Bambini. She studied sociology at the Moscow State University, specialized in Sociology of Communicative Systems, she holds her second degree in psychology from the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute. Eva has passed the program of professional retraining as the expert on psychological support of motherhood and early childhood.
Nadezhda Miklyaeva
Assistant, Casa dei Bambini
Nadezhda is a trained history teacher who has developed an interest in Montessori education. She has been working with children under the age of 6 since 2011, joining MSM in 2014. Nadezhda is fluent in English and has interests in medicine, sports and yoga for children.
Lena Antonyan
Assistant, Toddler Community
Lena graduated from Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University with a major in Educational Psychology. Lena is also interested in family psychology and interpersonal relationships. She speaks English and Armenian languages (in addition to Russian). "I believe that the system developed by Maria Montessori allows development not only for children, but for adults as well."
Enrichment Program Teachers
Igor Shustov
Igor is a candidate master of sports in chess. Since 12 years old Igor has been capped for Surgut men's team. He is a six times medalist of championship in Khanty -Mansiysk Autonomous District, and a Champion of Russia among student teams in 2013. Igor have trained a champion of Russia in chess. His teaching experience is over 6 years.
Anton Scherbina
Inventor Lab
Anton graduated from The National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". He has acquired a diverse experience in the engineering industry, ranging from electrician to electrical engineer to constructor. Anton has a good knowledge of higher mathematics and physics and the ability to think logically.
He speaks four languages and is very enthusiastic about working with children. Anton loves field trips, and is engaged in web and industrial design.
Susanne Ostrovsky
Elemental Music Education
Born and raised in Austria, Susanne completed her M.A. studies in Piano Pedagogics with a major in Early Childhood Music Education (Carl Orff). During the music lessons children dance, sing, work with Orff instruments, movements and rhythms using the language of music.
Sophie Ioels
Sophie is a world class master of sports, three-time champion of South of Russia, a world class dancer and a trainer. Head of Let's Dance school and Pretty Woman fitness project by JCC.
Ruben Petrosyan
Ruben graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory as a piano teacher and performer. Ruben has given concerts around England and Italy. He is a keen musician and has been teaching since 2009.
Karolina Yakubeni
Karolina graduated from Moscow Press University (MSUE) majoring in book graphics and layout, specialising as an artist illustrator. She is trained in such techniques as etching, aquatint, drypoint. Karolina is a regular participant of exhibitions.
"Since 2002 and to this day I teach in children's art studio The Birth of a Thing. I have experience of work with children from 2 years old, including children with cerebral palsy."
Administration of Montessori School of Moscow
Valentina Zaytseva
Montessori School of Moscow is the brainchild of Valentina Zaytseva. She first started the school in 2009, initially under the name of Moscow Montessori Preschool, supported by a group of enthusiastic parents and teachers. Her mission was to bring an international standard of Montessori education to Moscow.
In 2015 Valentina obtained her AMI 0-3 diploma from the Higher School of the Montessori Method in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Elena Fedosova-Gonidi
Head of School
"Continuing the family tradition, I always felt the struggle inside me between two occupations: architecture and education. Montessori combines both. Montessori Education is like architecture. When you build a house, you need a solid foundation, harmonious and functional architecture considering the peculiarities of the tenants and good-quality construction. In Montessori pedagogy, it is necessary to lay a strong foundation for the "absorbent mind", recognize the talents of each child and organize a fully-prepared learning environment. Montessori School of Moscow is indeed a harmonious space perfectly built to help children find their calling."
Ksenia Kholmovskaya
Deputy Head of School
Ksenia joined MSM in 2012. An alumna of the International School of Brussels, she graduated from Peoples' Friendship University of Russia with a major in Sociology. Before joining MSM, Ksenia has worked at the European Medical Center and Boston Consulting Group. She is fluent in English and French. This summer Ksenia is going to Vancouver to put the start of getting 0-3 AMI diploma. She is a keen sportswoman and believes that reaching the full potential of the person is only possible when you lead a healthy lifestyle.
Natalia Dyadyurko
Office Manager
Natalia has been contributing her organisational skills into the school life since November, 2106, helping in monitoring and maintenance of the vital daily administrative process. She is now studying children's psychology and strives to develop as a specialist in the field. She is a mother of two daughters and her spare time Natalia dedicates to sports, including swimming, cycling and snowboarding.
Maria Fedotova
Communications Manager
Maria has been involved with MSM since 2010, first as an assistant in our Casa dei Bambini program, and since 2013 in administration. Now Maria is in charge of the school website, developing and adapting it to the needs of the school community and new families's expectations. Due to the big interest to educational issues Maria also puts her energy and creativity to the MSM team work. Most of all she enjoys spending time with her little sons, her spare time she dedicates to music.
Eleonora Lyudvik
Admission Officer
Eleonorа has been working at MSM since its foundation in 2009. Eleonora devotes herself to the work with families, introducing them to the school, helping in adaptation and understanding Montessori method - that is one of the criteria for successful cooperation with MSM.
MSM History
Seven years ago, as a "newcomer" to the field Valentina Zaytseva first got introduced to the method and she realized that teaching was not her strongest point and chose to focus on the organizational aspects of running a school. Any school is a living organism: it evolves through different stages. A good Montessori school is characterised by an emphasis on independence, freedom of choice (within limits), and respect for a child's natural psychological, physical, and social development.

All these years at Montessori School of Moscow, we have been working to create a supportive learning environment for everyone: children, parents, teachers. For the community at large, the school hosted events with internationally recognized guest speakers and put forth various initiatives designed to increase the public awareness of Montessori Education in Russia. This enabled us to provide our teachers with professional development opportunities that contribute to them reaching their full potential. We have built a library of thought-provoking documentaries and books that any member of our community can access to further their knowledge.

"In 2014, five years after its inception, MSM has finally entered a period of sustained growth. I would like to pay tribute to our wonderful teachers and staff and all families for being with us! I am confident that Montessori School of Moscow is indeed the ideal place for children to learn, grow and enjoy their childhood", - says Valentina.

Opening of MSM, 2009